leo judges you


i'm taking a cue from booxradley entry just to say this...

i'm getting a little irritated at people basically yelling at me for split-voting. can you all shut the fuck up? if i want to split-vote, i fucking will. b/c guess what? i genuinely like BOTH Adam & Kris, i don't like one more over the other, they're both equal to me. besides, i use my house phone AND my cell phone while i vote, so all my votes are going to them 100%. get those sticks out of your asses and calm down, k?


so... about those ny yankees.
leo judges you

Idol - 4/14 & 4/15

since i'm feeling like crap right now, i'll make this short...

tuesday night

Allison - i like her, but i wasn't too crazy about the song choice. i kept chanting "Cook did it, Cook did it..."

Anoop - same as Allison, the chanting.

Adam - SEX, that is all. and fuck, the man knows how to work with the band.

Danny - lmfao Danny, gtfo.

Kris - i thought he did a great job, no idea what Randy was smoking.

Matt - it wasn't that bad. i thought it was ok.

Lil - she just needs to GO.

wednesday night

Matt was saved by the judges, i thought it was a bit anti-climatic, but i'm happy he was saved. i like the boy. Matt was in a Kradam sandwich when they hugged! XD~~*
leo judges you

*insert title here*

i had this really interesting dream last night...

in my dream, i somehow became violently ill and had to be rushed to the hospital (like, i think i was dying or something) so my doctor (no idea who the hell he is, btw) was sitting next to me discussing my illness when suddenly the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street came into my room asking for a job at the hospital. and my doctor was all "oh i don't know..." and then Cookie Monster says something like "c'mon doc, i'm looking for a job around here, life's been really hard for me..." poor bb sounded (and looked) like a crack addict, i mean his eyes was bloodshot! and i'm just looking at Cookie Monster with a relaxing smile and i told my doctor to please give him a job, and i gave my doc these puppy dog eyes (b/c you can't say no to a dying person) and yay! the doc gave Cookie Monster a job. Cookie Monster was so very happy and i gave him a huge hug. and as the dream progressed, Cookie Monster transformed into Tom Cruise.

yea, that was it.